Dr. Greg Puglisi - Founder of MyEpiId

Our Founder

MyEpiID was created by Gregory Puglisi M.D., a Board Certified Allergist who not only cares for patients at risk of anaphylaxis, but also for his own son who is afflicted with food allergies. MyEpiID was born out of necessity after caring for hundreds of patients and hearing countless stories of reactions gone wrong. Dr. Puglisi has created a simple and affordable solution that addresses the multiple barriers that impede proper and timely use of the EpiPen® auto-injector.

A Problem Worth Solving

Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening allergic emergency that is rapid in onset and Epinephrine Auto-Injectors (EAIs) are the first line of treatment. Knowledge in the use of EAIs is deficient and they are often underutilized, misused, expired, or stored improperly potentially leading to a worsening
or even fatal reaction.

Our Solution

MyEpiID products break the barriers associated with poor outcomes from a reaction due to untimely or improper auto-injector use. The ultimate goal is to improve anaphylaxis outcomes, improve access and raise awareness.

Solution for Personal & Commercial Use

  • Personal Identifiers Vital information that is easily visible, making patients and caregivers aware
  • Clear Instructions Visual and written instructions always handy on the back of the sleeve
  • Always Visible Strong hidden magnets allow for storage on a refrigerator or a classroom whiteboard. Always in plain sight
  • Just in Case The MyEpiID Sleeve is unobstructed (no zippers!), encourages carrying two injectors, and the EpiPen® colored caps are clearly visible and accessible
  • Portability Open design allows a belt or strap to be easily inserted between the injectors and the sleeve for improved portability
  • More Storage Solutions The MyEpiID Cradle provides an additional storage solution so that the EpiPen® injectors are easily accessible in any location
  • Expiration and Instructions A sliding expiration indicator and instructions on EpiPen® use are also included on the cradle